Invitation for English Language Editors

Invitation for English Language Editors

Voluntary Editorial Assistance Initiative

In order to enhance the publication quality, the International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (IJAEC) has introduced a Voluntary Editorial Assistance Initiative to provide free language editing service to authors submitting manuscripts to IJAEC. Voluntary English Language Editors are sincerely invited to join this international initiative.

Service of English Language Editors

Each English Language Editor is expected to perform linguistic corrections and improvements for around three manuscripts per year, for example, correcting mistakes in grammar, spelling, word order and punctuation, polishing the style of English and the wording of the text, improving internal language consistency and avoiding misinterpretation.

Benefits of English Language Editors

The names of English Language Editors will be listed at IJAEC's website and published in every journal issue. References and recommendation letters will be provided upon request by the English Language Editors.

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining the Voluntary Editorial Assistance Initiative, please send your CV to the Managing Editor of IJAEC, Ms. Catherine Wang, via email at