Guide for Reviewers

A reviewer is invited by email to review a submission, which includes its title and abstract, as well as the journal's URL and a username and password for the reviewer to use to enter the journal. The journal has the option that sends the submission as an email attachment to a reviewer along with an invitation to review. The reviewer then responds by email.

On logging in to the journal, a reviewer arrives at the "User Home" page. By clicking on the role of "Reviewer", the reviewer is led to the "Submissions" page. This page lists the submissions which the reviewer has been invited to review or is currently in the process of reviewing. The "Submissions" queue also notes what round the review is, as some reviews may have entered a second round of reviewing. This page also provides access to past reviews which the reviewer has completed for the journal.

The review process is divided into five steps, intended to lead a reviewer through the review process.